Monday, September 28, 2009

Joey having fun @ Derek Martin's 30th Birthday Bash!

Joey playing with the big boys!

He's on the run!

Joey challenged Jessie to an arm wrestling match!  LOL

He's cheating with 2 hands and Jessie's still going strong!

Justin congratualates Joey on his loss!

Visiting Nana Sofia


So precious!

Jett's 1st Haircut

Jett rode in a fire truck at Cool Kids Cuts and was an angel for his first haircut experience!


What's this lady doing?

I'm gonna roll with it.


What's this buzzing thing doing?

So handsome!

He even wore his fire trucks for the occasion, aww.

Labor Day Weekend at The Beall Cabin 2009

This was Jett's 1st overnight trip to The Beall Cabin.  He had a great time exploring and tasting his new surroundings!

What's this?  I'm just gonna poke it with my toe.

A treasure!

Mmm, tasty!

More treasures!

A very serious decision....Leaf?

Or Rock?  And the winner is....

The Rock!  It tastes much better and makes a great teether.

Good Morning Happy Boy!

So smiley!

Flirting with the camera :o)


Daddy & Love Bug :o)

Tonka time!

Mom, I'm bored!

There's nothing left to do....

I'm outta here!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Update

Joseph started 5th grade two weeks ago and is doing awesome adjusting to his honors Math & Reading courses.  He is going to learn the French Horn this year in band, after deciding that the Saxophone isn't the instrument for him.  Fall Ball is right around the corner which will soon turn into Spring Ball.  Our lives will be very busy up until the summer, as always.  I will post the baseball schedule for games & locations as soon as they are available to me.  Many fundraisers will soon follow as well. 

Jett will be 11 months on 9/7/09!  Time is FLYING by!

Walk with very little falling and he's definitely on the go! 
Shake his head no after being told no, no, no - with a smile :o)
Say Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba
Climb and is accident prone, just like Daddy! 
Maneuver objects so that he is able to climb onto the sofa
Climb down from our bed and the sofa 
Speak in his very own language

Jett Eats Everything!  Even with only two bottom teeth that just popped out a month ago, on the same day.  He likes Ritz Crackers, Graham Crackers, Spaghetti, Macaroni & Cheese, Beans, Pot Roast, Chicken, Turkey, Soup, Stew, Fruit Loops, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Salmon, Potatoes, Chili, French Fries, Pizza Crust, Lasagna, Grilled Cheese, Clam Chowder, Lime & Strawberry Popcicles, Strawberries, Grapes, Peaches, Pickles, Celery Sticks, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Ravioli, Applesauce, Lemons, Saltine Crackers, CapriSuns, Cheezits & more.  If you're eating it, he wants it!

His Big Brother "Bro Joe"
Anything with a straw
The Vacuum Cleaner (when it's off)
The Dryer
The Dishwasher
The Cabinets
The Fridge
The TV
Chewing on EVERYTHING 
Turning over his Big Trucks & Walker to examine them, he's interested in how EVERYTHING works
To Open Drawers
To Shut Doors
To Throw Things
To Snuggle - on his own terms
Phin - Our Wooden Fish Decor

Jett is always Happy & Laughing or Giggling.  He's stubborn and will let you know what he wants, when he wants it.  He can be extremely impatient when he wants something.  He is quiet and observant in new situations and places until he feels comfortable.  He's a flirt.  He's still learning how to be gentle.  He pulls hair - good thing I have lots, otherwise I would be on the brink of female balding!  He's testing out his new chompers and biting everything, including our flesh - Ouch!  He sometimes pinches me too.  There's a lot of training to do!  Jett tests all of the boundaries, I don't remember Joseph doing these things to the same extent... 

Rich's 39th birthday is coming up on 9/18/09!  He recently learned that he will attain a strore front at Scottsdale Fashion Square in the near future.  It's in the making and he's looking forward to this new opportunity.  Congratulations Baby!

I'm currently on bed rest until Juliet makes her arrival with a due date of 11/24/09.  I had a cerclage (cervix sewn shut) to prevent her from coming early.  I could have her as early as 10/26/09, when the sutures are removed.  I'm enjoying time home with Jett & the time I'm allowed with Joseph as he starts out in 5th grade. 

Rich, Jett & I will be heading to the cabin tonight for Labor Day weekend.  It will be nice to get out of the city and into a new environment.  Rich's friend James will be driving up with us and his friend Bill will be joining us on Sunday.  Christopher Creek here we come!

Jett's Teethy Smile

Jett Dressing for Less with Ross